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Cornell Tech, New York, NY

  • PhD in Information Science
  • Master of Information Science
  • AOL Fellow

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Master of Entertainment Technology

Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, personal focus on Mechanical Engineering 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Work Experience

Airbnb, Experience Researcher

  • Conducting research on Guest Growth
Airbnb, User Experience Research PhD Intern

  • Designed and conducted research studies as part of the Host and Homes team
  • Employed qualitative (in-lab user sessions, phone interview intercepts) and quantitative (Ethnio surveys, analysis in R) methods
  • Iterated with designers on the new mobile host app launched in November
Google, User Experience Research PhD Intern

  • Designed foundational and tactical research studies as part of the YouTube Search & Discovery team
  • Conducted qualitative research through a diary study and interviews that informed product development
  • Worked on a team with two other interns to design a new feature and present to key stakeholders
General Assembly, User Experience Design Immersive Instructor

  • Taught a 10-week full-time immersive course in UX design and research to 26 adult students covering topics such as contextual inquiry, wireframing, usability testing, and iterative prototyping
Wunderman , Freelance UX Designer

  • Designed userflows and 60+ wireframes for Coca Cola’s Share a Coke web and mobile campaigns
Disney Research , Lab Associate

  • Independently designing and running studies as part of the behavioral sciences group
Sifteo, User Experience Design Researcher

  • Fifth employee at $12.5M venture-backed tangible gaming start-up awarded Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Consumer Electronic Companies of 2012 and Popular Science’s Best of What’s New 2011
  • Led user research across 80+ participants by testing the product in the office, at schools, at museums, and running longitudinal studies in homes to guide product design and development based on user feedback
  • Compiled and presented usage data, survey, and interview results in written reports to the product team and at a weekly meeting with the executive team. Findings resulted in iterative changes to the product including feature creation like the battery indicator and idle state, changes to the UI of the menu design for the cubes, and re-structuring of the game purchasing process
  • Created storyboards, personas, IA maps, and user flows to drive product software and website design
  • Designed wireframes, graphics, and pixel perfect mockups for implementation by the product team
  • Coordinated between product team, marketing company, industrial design firm, warehouse distributor, and production factory on projects relating to packaging changes, the design of the user manual, and international certification requirements
  • Represented the company at external events including Google I/O, Maker Faire, and CHI

Fidelity Investments, User Insight Technical Intern

  • Performed usability studies for Fidelity websites as part of a team of 20 Usability Engineers
  • Redesigned and built Usability team’s website using HTML and CSS
  • Oversaw study on the effect of pictures on websites by using specially-designed web prototypes for online study, and recruiting and moderating 59 participants for eye tracking lab tests

Design Science, Ergonomics/Human Factors Intern

  • Compiled human factor design guidelines for medical equipment client company
  • Researched literature on ergonomic design, organized video footage of usability tests of medical equipment

Newsweek, Interactive Intern

  • Awarded Multimedia Editor credit for “Boomers at 60” Quiz featured on front page of
  • Acted as sole intern responsible for editing sound clips, producing daily podcast, transcribing audio, attending editorial meetings, researching and obtaining various multimedia for website

Sesame Workshop, General Productions Intern

  • Supported the production office- responsibilities included: attending production meetings, researching show information, screening videotapes, handling viewer inquiries, assisting with special projects

Other Experience

XX+UX, Event Coordinator

  • Coordinated the XX+UX event hosted at YouTube in July 2016. Went through weeks of planning with the Google and YouTube team to help organize the biggest XX+UX event ever held in the Bay Area.

Cornell University, Teaching Assistant

  • Designed assignments, led weekly discussion, guest lectured, graded, and held office hours for upperclassmen/Master-level courses INFO3450: HCI Design and INFO4400: Advanced HCI Design
  • 2013-2014 Information Science Oustanding Teaching Award Recipient

IxDA Interaction Awards Operations Chair, Founding Team

  • Coordinated with entrants, judges, and winners, culminating in the award ceremony at the IxDA Annual Conferences in Dublin 2012 and Toronto 2013

California Academy of Sciences, Producer/ User Experience Designer

  • Designed educational entertainment experience installed at the California Academy of Sciences
  • Created 5 iPad games to extend museum-learning to the home. Children accumulate points that they can redeem for virtual items to personalize an avatar, add friends, and expand their knowledge
  • Conducted on-site user observation and in-school user testing
  • Published findings and presented research at international conferences


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Interactivity Demo

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Workshop Papers

Law, M., Sun, E., & Naaman, M. (2017). ShareBox: Designing Sharing Technology for Low-Resource Communities Position paper at Reflections on Design for Underserved Populations at CSCW, Portland, OR.

Sun, E., Naaman, M., McLachlan, R., & Ma, X. (reverse alphabetical order) (2016). Minimal Sharing Paradigm: Building Trust Through Exchange. Position paper at The Future of Platforms as Sites of Work, Collaboration and Trust Workshop at CSCW, San Francisco, CA.

Sun, E. (2015). The Importance of Play in Digital Placemaking. Digital Placemaking Workshop at the Ninth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, Oxford, UK.

Conference Activity

Program Committee Member, CSCW 2018

Submission Reviewer, CHI 2016, CHI 2017, CHI 2018

Submission Reviewer, CSCW 2016, CSCW 2017

Google Intern Travel Grant Awardee, Grace Hopper 2015

Submission Reviewer, iConference 2014

Student Volunteer, CHI 2013

Interaction Awards, Co-chair Operations, IxDA Awards 2011

Interaction Awards, Peer Reviewer, IxDA Awards 2011

ACM SIGGRAPH, Emerging Technology/Studio Juror, SIGGRAPH 2010

Speaking Engagements

Cornell Tech, Intro to Connective Media, Guest Speaker 2016

New York University, Ideation & Prototyping, Guest Speaker 2015

San Jose State, Web Usability & Interface Design, Guest Speaker 2012

Joan Ganz Cooney Center, Innovation Arcade presenter, Learning from Hollywood 2011 

World Maker Faire, New York, Demo Presenter 2011

Google I/O, Demo Presenter 2011

Youth Radio Mobile Action Lab, Speaker Series 2011

Wireless Generation, invited speaker, InnoDay 2011